Miracle League Football


We have joined forces with the Dream League and are offering inclusive football for ages 5-11. Inclusion and activity for our siblings is at the top of our list of goals for Miracle League. The success of our alliance and partnership with the Sun Devils Semi Pro Football team a couple of years ago indicated the desire for our players and their siblings to once again participate in a football activity.

The Miracle League has been working hard on creating partnerships and aligning ourselves with sports activities that reflect our desire to include our children with disabilities. Bobby and Rosie Martinez (702-9115) volunteer to run the league for us much like the Sun Devils Semi Pro Football League did a couple of years ago and Miracle League will oversee the program. This alliance helps bring in revenue that replaces Ponder Baseball for now, since we are awaiting light construction on the baseball fields. The park is crowded on Saturdays, as before, so keep in mind when you come to watch, participate or have our athletes play in either football or tee ball.

For more information contact the Miracle League office 779-4770.


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